Fidget spinner generator

fidget spinner electric generator

fidget spinner generator

  1. coil without core - inside a syncronous motor 230 V ( A4 laminators and mirowaves turntable motor)

  2. led

  3. fidget spinner - with metal insertions

  4. 3 neodymium magnets - Disc magnet Ø 15 mm, height 3 mm
    Neodymium, N52, nickel-plated

Note : using stronger neodymium magnets it will improve the mini generator pergormance

why spam ? I t is a simple mini generator using the succesful toy fidget spinner.
next project is to charge a mobile phone with a fidget spinner probably for 1800 mAh will take 18 hours of spinning :slight_smile:

I imagine he said that, because that’s what it looks like…

It’s a very sparse post, essentially just directing people to your YouTube page, and is the second thread you have made on the same kind of topic.

Normally for the most part people post CNC related projects on here, and/or at the very least they put some more details instead of a couple of sentences and a YouTube link

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It is a simple project and that is the reason why I offered just the base details. If someone wish to replicate it I will be more than glad to answer to all questions. 3 neodymium magnets on the fidget spinner, a coil without core - inside syncronous motor 230 V and a led. I have tried to embed the video but no succes…

I am not spammer. I wish to keep all the details about me private that why I didn.t present myself .I am looking forward for magnetic flux aplications (changing magnetic fields) in general… I hope to find something very interesting I saw something useful in creation a fidget spinner generator and a small generator which can help teachers with a small layout to explain how it is working. Probably using a friendly layout in this case a toy, the childrens will be more interested about this.

thx st

In addition to a CNC forum, this is also a maker forum.

In order to make your posts helpful, please follow some basic guidelines:

  1. Post information on your project and how it is made
  2. Avoid self promotion and linking to shops

I also see that this is based on 230v with no guides or precautions. Use caution.

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