Fidget spinners failed designs fusion 360

I have been designing fidget spinners and these are some of the designs that for some reason I just did not like. I am posting these vids because I think it might help some get started in fusion by watching how a novice like me gets by in fusion. These are short videos without audio but I feel they are easy to follow.

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I do notice one thing in the video and that you first changed the units to mm and then sketched a 19mm circle and then changed the unit back to inch and continued

you dont have to do that all you need to do in any units is type what you need



or things like


it will do all the math for you and even convert between the units automatically

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I wish Vcarve would do that. I need to ask my Amazon echo “what is 22mm in inches” to get the conversion.

Just a habit that followed me home from work due to a software glitch. I do it and don’t even think about it.


your echo HAHA really? does that work?

It works perfectly. Almost worth buying the Echo dot just for doing conversions.

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heck yeah thats what I was thinking

currently I am having to go to google or look at charts that I have printed out when I am doing cad/cam work in the office

holy crap 140 bucks?

will it perform math calculations like 2+2 and things?

or like .0625+.03125"

or like .0625 mm + .03125 mm

I’ve entered overrides (mm or in) while inputting numbers.
I’ve also entered fractions 1/4 and hit enter to get the .25

Echo dot is only about $35

It will do any math calculations you give it. Just don’t ask it what is 100 factorial. It takes about three hours to tell you the answer

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oh okay very nice I will defiantly look into getting one I think that will speed up productivity

I am really looking for ways to speed up the cad/cam process I could spend literally 3 hours in cad/cam and then the part only take 15 minutes to run on the machine

but I guess that is hows it goes sometimes

Ordered haha yay!!

got me a dot got me a dot hey hey hey!!

and here you go allen in case your still waiting

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your not able to shoot a short video of you performing calculations on the echo are you?

it should be the same with the dot right?

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Here is a short video of the echo doing stuff

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oh man thats awesome I look forward to mine!!

HAHA so funny on the factorial “alexa just stop!” “just give it up”

thanks for the video man


I’d be tempted to ask it questions like, “What is the square root of -1?” and other circular/paradoxical questions.

On the other hand, I have a free app on my phone that converts.

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Alex knows her math

ooooooooooooo man!! I am buying nerdy glasses to go a-top that girl!!

dot coming in tomorrow!!!