File keeps stopping. this file only

so ive tried running this file multiple times and it just stops. have no idea. I redid all of my wiring, disconnected my dust extraction, shut off my router, and disconnected any other items plugged in around my machine. started this file and it stopped immediately. at that point I ran another project and then another, all with the same setup as above. no issues at all. they run just fine. can anyone see anything wrong with this simple surfacing procedure? the crazy part is that I designed this in easel and all of my other non failing designs are from fusion to easel. weird stuff. thanks in advance

You’re not reaching the limits of any axis by chance? Lower Z would happen with the initial plunge if that was the issue, the X or Y as it gets further towards the outside…

What model cnc is this?
What are your Grbl settings? (press ctrl+Shift+D and scroll to the bottom to view these)

yo Seth! long time no text. no limits are being triggered. its an open builds lead 1515. no x or y limits either as it stops right in the middle of the spoil board sometimes. the last time it stopped it stopped right out of the gate. ill be in my shop later and I can check the Grbl settings. thanks. jonny

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