File types

What type of files will the V-Carve use for 2D & 3D projects? Do I need to use a different program with the X-Carve if so what is the best out there/


Not sure what you mean, can you provide examples of what you want to achieve?

The XCarve and many other CNC router tables use GCode file to operate however, to design projects you need an app like Easel, Carbide Create, Vectric VCarve or Fusion 360 and many other CAD that have their own proprietary format, however, they can import files of different type like SVG, DXF or STL if you want to use already made designs. Depending on the project you want to undertake, there are programs with strengths and weaknesses that will enable you to get the results you are looking for. We would need to know a bit more about your projects to give you advice.

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I am just trying to find out which program/files I can use on the X-Carve/Easel to do 2D or 3D projects

That helps thank you

I do a lot with wood, trying to do 2D & 3D projects with the X-Carve

I would recommend that you get comfortable with Easel, learn 2D and workflow then move to something more powerful. VCarve is nice and powerful but a bit pricy, you can create 2, 2.5 and 3D project but you cannot create 3D models for this you would need Aspire. The interesting thing is that you can upgrade for the difference in price between the two software.
If you were interested in a more “engineering” type work and is very comfortable with software, Fusion 360 is a very good choice and free for hobbyist.