Fill between two squares

I made a IH plaque and can’t figure out how to fill in between two squares. I tried connecting them and it fills the complete plaque when I switch from outline to fill. It’s the black part around outside edge. Also i want it in an inch from the edge so there is about inch of white to the edge. I made two squares about an inch apart and clicked on both and connected or combined them and as i said it fills the complete plaque instead of just in between the squares. Hope i wrote it good enough to understand. Help please. Also this is in easel. International-haverstor-300x250

If I understand correctly…

Try setting the “inside” square cut depth to 0, and the “outside” square to your desired cut depth, without combining the squares. Layer-wise, the inside square should be above the outside square, and your logo should be above everything, so you might have to use the right-click > send backward/bring forward options to adjust things appropriately.

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Make two squares with rounded edges one inch different in size. Set the depth on the inside one to zero then combine them.

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@BrianJohnson Thanks so much friend!! I knew there was a way, but couldn’t think of it!! :smile: This is what i was looking to do!!

Completed! Time to carve it. 2018-09-04 (3)

@BrianJohnson If I wanted to make the very outside piece in a different wood, would I cut the curved corner piece on inside path and the outside piece on outside path? Or would I cut them both on path? Thanks for your help!

Cut the inside piece on Outside path, and outside piece on Inside. This tells the software to run the toolpath one bit radius offset from the line (to the outside for the inner piece, so it doesn’t end up too small; to the insider for the outer piece, so it doesn’t end up too big).

If you choose On Path, the software will run the toolpath with the center of the bit on the path, so the inside piece will be one bit radius smaller than the line, and the outside piece would be one bit radius larger than the design.

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@KimberlyFranzen, thank you very much for your reply!! :slightly_smiling_face: Do i have to run them on the same project page or can i make them separate. Hope that’s how you word it. Like hit the plus symbol to make the outside piece? Thank you much.

You can do them as separate pieces - either as separate projects entirely, or separate work pieces in the same project (the plus button). You can copy/paste between projects/work pieces, as well, to ensure you’re using the exact same dimensions for your rectangle (you might have to double-check the positioning, though).

Easiest way is probably to duplicate your work piece (mouse over the active work piece icon at the bottom, click the arrow in the top right corner, select duplicate), then switch the outline mode on the duplicated work piece appropriately (from outside to inside or vice-versa).

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