Final stage of setup, help please!

Sorry if this has been brought up before, please guide me to the thread if so.

So I’m in the final setup after around 11 hours of putting together my X-Carve, it’s slightly annoying to find the spindle isn’t moving in the correct axis. I’m a complete novice and hobbyist so if I get anything wrong, forgive me.

When I try setting the machine up with my MacBook, I had to flip the axis which the software enabled me to do without having to change the wiring. The trouble is, when the software asks to test the limit switches, the spindle is moving in the wrong direction and it basically hit into the back of the machine so I had to stop the process manually. I ran the test again, hoping it would work when I clicked reverse the axis thing again, but it isn’t working and just keeps going the wrong way.

Any help would be great.

Thank you

check your wiring again, you have your x axis wiring reversed.

I typed “axis going backward” in the search field and found several posts that might help you. Here is a link to one that might get you started in the right direction:

I’ve reversed the GBRL setting, now the spindle moves in the correct direction when clicking the up, down, left and right arrows. However, when the machine tests its limit switches, the machine runs in the wrong direction. I’ve checked all the wires, they are correctly positioned into their matching terminals. Any other suggestions as to what the problem could be?

Thanks again

How do I post the grbl? Sorry, I’m completely new to everything. I was under the impression that if I set my x/y/z axis up correctly, which it now is, the homing/limit switch test would work in the correct axis also.

By the way, I’m using the X-Controller.

Machine > advanced
Machine inspector
Send command $$

I use these as reference all the time:

I’m getting confused and beginning to think this is all slightly beyond what I’m capable of. Do I need to install something to view the grbl code? I’m unsure on whether I will be able to even use this machine as I haven’t a clue where to start the learning process. All I would like to do is make simple engravings on gifts and small things I sell online as customised items.