Finally a finishes project that worked out perfectly as imagined

looks great.

did you make any changes in tools, feeds etc.

mine took forever because of plunge speeds set too low.

Roughing with a 1/4" endmill at 85 IPM with an 85 plunge.
Finishing with a 1/8" ballnose at 85 IPM with an 85 plunge.
Cutout 1/4" endmill same feeds…

Took about an hour. I did the roughing, finish pass then cutout. I know you did the finishing pass last, but I didn’t want to take the chance the tabs would come loose.

what software did you use to create this?

I’m using Aspire, and if that’s it I’d love to get a copy of the file you made.

I used the file you posted. I just bumped up the speeds.

that reply was to the guy who made the superman logo.

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Along the same theme, I did this a couple of months ago with HDPE:

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i use rhino & rhinocam

but you have the stl, it is good practice :slight_smile:

Worked great 4 years later.


That’s very awesome.