Finally completing upgraded build - some advice needed please

Hi guys, I purchased my original X-Carve about 3 years ago but issues with receiving the x-controller delayed the build and then a few family losses knocked me and meant that the build was left under a sheet in the workshop for far too long. I purchased extras during this time though ready for my build - by the time i got around to it i had forgotten what some of them were for!
This last week i have pulled my finger out and finally completed my mechanical build complete with the free upgrade kit, kindly supplied by inventables, and the wiring of my steppers. I am now about to wire the limit switches but have a few questions.

My head is spinning after reading so much about limit switches/homing switches but i have decided to wire them in series as normally closed to reduce the possibility of error. I have purchased extra switches and intend to use 2 switches per axis as hard limits. I have purchased Charleys Triquetra plate for homing purposes. Do i need to do my initial setup using Easel and will it allow this or can i first set up the machine by typing in grbl commands?

I have put an earthing rod through the floor of my workshop (after destroying a hammer drill) and ran a wire to a metal earth block just behing my xcontroller. I am using shielded cable for steppers and limits and connecting the shielding to this earth block at the controller end only, am i right in thinking that only the shielding connects to this separate block and that all other grounds continue to be connected to the xcontroller terminals?

I had purchased some capacitors after reading about limit switch filtering but i have read that the xcontroller has its own limit switch filtering built in. Do i need to add filters given that i am using shielded cables and wiring in series as NC or do i just forget them?

Sure i’ll have lots more questions as i get it completed and connected but if anybody could help me get over this bit i would be grateful. many thanks.

I just recently upgraded to Xcarve from shapeoko2. I bought the inventables limit switches and hooked them up as the directions called for. I used this setup.

I believe this sets the parameters for you. Everything did work up to a point where Easel was to run a program. Make sure all the wires are in their respective connectors solidly. My internet connection isn’t so great and I wasn’t planning on using Easel at that point anyway. The above mentioned setup procedure lets you check the axis movement and direction, whether the limit switches work, and whether the zeroing plate is working. In command mode if you type $$ in the command box on top, you’ll see all the parameters and what they are set like. I found this document really helpful in explaining things.

Thanks Martin,
the instructions only seem to cover 1 switch on each axis and if i wire them as per instruction they will be normally open, whereas i would like to wire them as normally closed. I have tried, and failed, to get an internet connection in my workshop this morning using those plug in extenders as its on a separate circuit so it looks like i will have to use something other than easel anyway. Thanks for the link - that will be extremely useful.

Inventables X Carve instructions do only use one switch per axis. And their use is only for homing not limits.

I think inventables sells their limit switch labeled as homing switch but calling it a limit switch isn’t necessarily wrong in this case :-).

Limit switch - Wikipedia

A limit switch is an electromechanical device that consists of an actuator mechanically linked to a set of contacts. When an object comes into contact with the actuator, the device operates the contacts to make or break an electrical connection.