Finally, finally, finally

Wow, what a turn of events that was! Oh, how I’ve missed this forum!

Very long story short, we decided to purchase a new build home way back in January. I purchased my 1000mm back in April. Home was to be completed in July/August. Obviously, I thought I’d just wait until we were moved in to start build. We didn’t end up closing until the end of October. Delay, delay, delay! Blah!

Finally, feel settled in the new house enough to begin my build! Finally, finally!

First item on the list: Table!

Can someone please tell me what the overall size (length/width, OD, out-to-out, etc.) of the 1000mm including side board is please? I know there is/was a couple 3D models of the various sizes floating around, but I don’t recall seeing any that included the side board.

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Here ya go. All side board dimensions are located here;

Looking at the picture above I was wondering, when they measure the machine are they just measuring the frame of the X-Carve, or do they take into account the back of the stepper motors on the rear and right of the machine?

I built a 4ft x 6ft table and my own side board out of scrap I had laying around. Believe me, the X Carve fits very nicely on it. The only problem is that I overbuilt it, and will not take it apart when and if I ever relocate again, so someone will get a very nice work table with storage when I leave.

The same mistake I made lol