Finally Ordered

The Big Boss, (aka the Wife), finally gave me the go ahead to order my 1000mm Xcarve. Needless to say that I wasted no time in calling Paul at Inventables. We had a great discussion about my plans and Paul gave me some great advice. I did not order the wasteboard or side board as its my intention to use T-Track and MDF cut to size. I also ordered Aspire as my software of choice. I am so excited, because of everything I have learned on this forum. I especially want to shout out Phil Johnson, Charlie Thomas and of course, Blue Loctite. There are so many others that have inspired me with their creativity, knowledge and willingness to help a newbie like me. I’ll be counting on you guys in the not so distant future, because Im sure these fat fingers will need help.


I was making projects in Easel, until we got enough cash to buy the Xcarve. I was also learning from the folks here on the forum. I was researching different CNC machines as well as different software packages. As I told Paul, For the price point and capability, the X Carve is my machine of choice and Aspire is my design software of choice. The next step is to start ordering other things I need like a dust boot and linear Z axis.

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I also just ordered the Suckit dust shoe. I had a question about it and they responded right away and on a Saturday no less. Great customer service.