Fine detail blowout

Hey all,
As most on here I’m pretty new, and my question, or problem is in fine detail carving. Doing a sign for my neighbor and it has the US flag on it. My V-Bit is the 1/8" shank 60 degree. My depth per pass is .028, the material is pine. I have the dewalt on 2.5 and Im running 28ipm. I thought this was very conservative compared to alot of posts ive seen… Well anyhow it blew out the stars, knocked them straight off. The total depth is .03125. Maybe should have used a 30 degree v bit for engraving?

I never have run my router off of the number 1 setting. It actually runs to fast on 1. That may have had something to do with it.

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Thanks for your reply Wayne, I run 1 on everything else including the v bits normally. Small lettering was blowing out the centers of the letter running 1. I based todays decision on a blog I read where it talked about running the router on 2 to 2.5 for V bits and I took a chance… But your right even 1 is fast. I was also thinking that pine is so soft and unpredictable for carving fine detail.


I also only run my router at the #1 setting. Like yourself. When I first started using my machine I set it higher and quickly learned that was not the better way to go.

can you share your file? if the stars are to small and it appears you are using pine you probably will just rip them off, you may need to use a harder wood

Pine… that’s why.

Agreed thank you

Also, I think my design is too deep, I might try to do a outline trace of it instead, go the other way with the stars. Thanks for all your replies