Fine lettering purely in easel

Have you tried this? It’s free I like it took a bit to figure out but it is pretty straight forward.

I’ve done this a bit and just used a v-bit as you mentioned. I usually set the bit diameter to 0.5mm to 1mm and my depth from 0.5mm to 1mm. I have the text set to fill and the result are usually pretty good. I have noticed that my waste board need to be pretty level to the router to get good results to resurfacing the wasteboard is a good step to take.

I’ll try and post some photos later.

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What are the specifications of the V-bit being used?

Yea, using a V-bit that large without proper v-carving technique really wont work well.
The trick with using a v-bit and v-carving is constantly moving the Z height so the bit just barely touches the stock to create a fine edge, square inside corner, etc…

F-Engrave (as already mentioned) will easily do this.

If you going to stick with Easel, the only method is to use a small bit such as:

Then a traditional pocket cut, or maybe follow path will work.

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Terrible advice! :smile: Just kidding (mostly)

Never be afraid to try a new tool or technique!
F-Engrave, Fusion 360, V-Carve, ESTLCAM, and plenty of other tools exist and should be considered for a person’s toolbox. Most are free or have a demo/trial period.
Do not wait for something promised when other solutions already exist.

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Mostly thin, but some are a bit wider. The bottom of the “pocket” on the wider fonts have some ridges, but nothing major. If you were going to fill it with epoxy, it wouldn’t be an issue.

I’ve done some even wider, but I couldn’t find the pictures.

I think it was a 1/4" 30 deg bit.

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