Finger joints for 3/4 inch table

Hi, Im trying to make a waterfall desk that has finger joints to join the table top to the sides that support it (the desk doesn’t have legs but a whole sheet of wood that meets the top at right angle). I see some software for generating boxes that fit together with joints, but can any one advise me how I can create or find a joint that I can use in easel to cut just one horizontal path of finger joints? I would then flip it to cut the matching side.

Can you use the box app to create the joints, then delete all the bits you don’t need?

When you use a CNC to cut finger joints typically the design includes dog bones.

This might be a deal breaker for a fine furniture project. These are included because the CNC can’t produce tight right angles. You could probably do something without the dog bone, but you would need to do cleanup with a chisel.