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So a few weeks ago the finishing bit box started not wanting to close, i found ways to get by and trick it into closing, now the x is gone to completely get rid of the finishing bit, what is going on, is it just me or are lots of people having these same problems, i don’t know where to go to get a fast answer and i have work to get done. i am so tired of thing changing for the worse and not knowing what to do about them, no warning that its even going to happen, is it just me?

Edit: I just refreshed my Easel and I SEE your issue. That lack of an X IS a problem!!

I’ll be submitting a Help ticked right now too!

Sorry, i didn’t mean to make this only your issue, i thought i was posting to the group, obviously i’m not real savy on the forum, lol. but anyway thank you, thank you. Please let them know to fix fast, its a real problem.

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No worries, You totally did post to the forum as a whole. I’m just way too active on it and seem to respond to way too many posts :laughing:

I agree it is a real problem & I did submit my own help ticket about the issue, so hopefully it gets resolved asap.

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I am having this problem as well. Has there been a response/resolution as yet??

I’m having this problem as well. Is there a solution coming???

YES! Same issue that I’m having! This is really slowing me down in my order production. Hope they get this fixed quickly.

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I got this reply this morning, I’ll jump back over here and drop an update once I see one…

looks like the X is back!

Mines back too… thanks Seth

I just got off work and checked, i see its fixed now, yeah, now i can get something done, thanks seth for putting in a ticket to fix it.

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anyone know when they are going to fix the fact that the drop down finishing bit box won’t close after you pick the bit you want to use, very annoying also, doesn’t seem to do it all the time but most of the time, just started doing it a couple weeks ago?

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I think the fix for that issue is what made the X disappear and i suspect they simply rolled it back… just my guess…

however one might also note that the shift+click to select multiple design elements no longer allows for selecting more than 2, so that function is broken now too…

That makes sense, I hope they get it all figured out, I’m 62 and still work full time, this is just what i want to do full time when i retire. I had not realized that the other feature didn’t work anymore but good to know. Sometimes i think its just me because, well i’m not quite as sharp as when i was 30, lol, anyway thank you very much for the help. If your not on their payroll then you should be. I like to support them because it is a easy software to figure out for a hobbiest but it does get frustrating sometimes when they change stuff and don’t give any warnings. I wonder if its because i subscribe to the beta testing thing, i just thought about that. Well anyway thank you for helping in a timely manor, your the man!!!

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Yes this isn’t working!!! So frustrating I thought my shift button was broken. But it’s not you can’t select multiple objects and deselect using shift

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Will you be able to put a ticket for the shift and select and deselect multiple objects please. I am not sure how to put a ticker. I really need this fixed asap. Thank you!

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I don’t know how to do it either but Seth does, lol

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Submitted a ticket just now. :man_shrugging:

To submit your own here’s how>>
Select “help” at the top menu of this forum, then scroll to the bottom, then select “email support” and fill out the form, then you get a prompt and some FAQ links and you’ve got to confirm you still want the ticket submitted, that don’t make it the easiest process, that’s for sure.

Thank you, i will try that, i think i got to the point where they give you the fequently asked questions then got frustrated because that never helps you, lol, i just need to go through the motions and keep going further. As always, thanks for the education seth, much appreciated.

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