Finishing Pass

Would it be possible to have a finishing pass option? What I’m thinking is that it would be like the Two Stage cutting, but you would only be using one bit, and the finishing pass would run at full depth at the end of the cycle.

Basically the “rough” passes would leave a user defined amount larger or smaller than the geometry (depending on outline, inside or fill) and then the the last pass of the feature would run at the actual dimension at full depth.

One issue I think that might need to be tackled right now is how the tabs are handled as the bit would need to remain in the cut while going over the tab (if that makes sense).


I agree with this idea, especially on the sides. For depths I’ve been setting cut depth so that the last cut is .005-.015", just for cleanup, but there’s no way to do that on the sides on purpose.


Do you mean for pockets?

I thinking this feature could be a big help, just one more thing that would make Easel more great!

Yup, for pockets or cuts that don’t fully penetrate the material.

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That would be a good feature. VCarve has an option to set an offset for the final profile pass that I use quite often. I usually set it to 0.002", which means it makes the cut 0.002" farther from the line all the way through, then dead on the line for the last pass so it removes any cutting path variances.


This is exactly what I’m thinking!

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Has this ever been implemented in Easel? The request is almost 8 years old, but I can’t find anything about it being added.