Finishing pine

Tried looking in search engine, but looking for a finish to seal pine so I could paint pockets and able to be sloppy a little to wipe away excess if need be.

I realized very quickly shellac does. Or do the trick despite 2-3 coats.

Yeah that’s the method I do with everything, works beautiful. Just seems like the pine is sucking in the shellac or not coming out. I use a spray shellac and wondering if it’s not coming out.

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There should be a new category in this forum - " Help by Phil", “Phils Corner” “Doctor Phil” something along those lines, something with a nice catchy ring to it…


Yes I did not do that, that’s probably definitely my issue then

Use wood conditioner before shellac. I’ve found I like it far better than sanding sealer, but that’s me. Try out wood conditioner and sanding sealer to see which you like better.


Thanks for all the great information guys I’m just trying to decrease bleeding if I accidentally nicked the top of the pocket with some black paint

I don’t use anything when I paint my pine v-carves I just find that “not” thinning my acrylic works best. I use artist acrylic in tubes from Michaels and hobby lobby , you’ll can look at every project I have ever done it’s all in pine and I flood with paint , I make messes often go outside the lines afterwards I sand the top with 220, then 400 , then finsh coat.

I just have an acrylic from like a. Joanne fabrics

There’s a cheap store brand next to this that works just as good I don’t have a tube in the house but it’s a couple bucks cheaper.

I don’t use any water to thin it I just glob it on and spread it out

Yea red is a little harder but it all sands out, I dont skim the surface of the wood before I carve because I know I’m going to sand it down pretty good .