First 3D Carve - A lot of elements missing

I finally had time to get some wood in the X Carve and try the 3D carving. I probably should have started with something less detailed, but I had the file on hand and went for it. It didn’t turn out very good, but I’m sure I just am missing something.

I’d love to see a preview panel to have an idea of what it will look like after rough/detail. I used a 1/4" downcut spiral for the rough and a 1/8" ball nose for the detail. I have included photos of the resulting carve and the reference image.

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That still looks amazing.


Hi @JohnMorgan1 thank you for sharing this. Could you please share the easel project URL with me so I can take a look at what might be happening? Here are a few thoughts:

  • It could be that the roughing toolpaths removed too much material - either from an error within the toolpaths, or due to the bit change/z zero operation.
  • It could be that the 1/8" bit was too large for the detail - how big overall is the carving?
  • Did you maintain the X/Y/Z proportions or was the model flattened in the Z?

Thanks, Ben

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7"W x 7.5" tall approx.

I’m sorry for my ignorance - what do you mean in your 3rd bullet point?

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Hi John. Meaning, whether you reduced the Z value only, keeping X and Y the same, to fit your model into the material size you had, making the model appear flatter.

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Thanks. I’m attaching two screenshots. 1) original settings from the file, unchanged. I first started this carve and realized the material I had in place was too thin. 2) my settings - I changed based on the thickness of the material in the graphic. I used 1" thick material. #2 is what generated the carve I posted. No other settings were changed.