First 3d carve elephant

First try with 3d all done with a .250 ball nose end mill I think it might look better if I used a .125 ball nose


I got the stl off grab cad then fusion 360, mesh mix, Easel

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I was thinking it would be cool once my .125 get here to carve a elephant and maybe a garafe and put them in the corners of door molding

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I use .0625 tapered ball nose bit and I get great detail the smaller the better imho

I might have to look in to a few

Here’s A Horse that I did last night


Do you rough it with a bigger bit then finish with the smaller?

Yes I have vcarve desktop that allows me to do a roughing pass with a .25 bit and then I will do a finish path

It looks great I will have to try one of them bits

They are really handy to have and they do so much

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Michael - how big is your piece (WxLxH) and how long did each the roughing and final passes take on your horse?

It’s a software for editing 3d models I don’t have a lot of experience in 3d modeling but in this case the elephant mesh had to many facets and so I used it to reduce it to 10000 so I could import it in to fusion and tool path it and it meshmixer(auto corrected to mesh mix)

Yes It is free it is a auto desk program. how ever auto desk remake dose a better job from what I read. but can’t get it to launch on my pc so I don’t know

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That piece is 5.5 by 6.125 the roughing pass took about 3 mins and the finishing path took about a half hour

Would you mind sharing (when you have time) your CAM settings in Fusion for your roughing and final carves? I had no problem with my first carve in Fusion (except that I needed a slightly tighter stepover) but for whatever reason Fusion is now giving me fits and I am not sure what I am doing wrong, so comparing your setup would be really helpful. Kind of a PITA to do screenshots of the tabs, but if you could, I think it would be really helpful. Thanks!

I’m still learning fusion I use vcarve desktop to create everything

Oops! I actually see that Marcus is using Fusion. Since you both have the same icon and the same first initial, my eyes were apparently confused. Sorry!

No worries I’m looking into learning fusion 360 for myself actually

Wow… that’s way faster than I would have guessed.

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They are pretty nice to have. It goes up and down and around in a circle all at the same time when doing the 3d images it’s pretty cool how it works. Now I just have to find someone with aspire or someone with 3d files that I can import to vcarve

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