First 3d carve (Stations of the Cross)

After over a year, I’ve finally thrown something 3d at this machine.
basic info:

4x4" mdf
roughing 1/8endmil 100ipm 50ipm plunge
finish 1mm tapered ballnose 150ipm 75ipm plunge


That looks good.

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I’ll have to check on the step over. I do think the z might be what’s having issue? X controller.

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That is one thing I actually liked about the old controller. Easy access to those.

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That’s on the new setup you did?

It’s not a mistake. It’s a design enhancement!


we call them variations without upcharges

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Adds character.

What software did you use?


I used .1mm step over. (.0039")

Love it! Are you working on all 14? What program do you use to generate your 3D material?


Yes along with last supper and the garden.

Aspire for making the gcode. as far as modeling… these were from an stl pack I purchased.

I will probably model some in the future with zbrush.

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Looks good. Where did you purchase the stl?

Thank you for the information.

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you’re welcome! They have a lot of awesome stls there… I found some other sites but dont have the links… just google cnc stl and you will find a lot out there at great prices.

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the site doesn’t seem to have a root page for this but if you click around you will find some awesomeness all over it.

cleaned the rails and adjusted the pots. not sure which fixed it, but way cleaner.

also I bumped up the speed to 135 for roughing and 175ipm for finishing, everything else the same. no issues. Think I’ll bump it up to 165 and 200 next time. I think it should handle fine, just concerned about possibly losing steps.

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I believe these are like this due to the rain we have been getting… humid.