First 3D carve

For valentine’s day, of course. Four tool paths here from Vectric Vcarve. One roughing pass with 1/4" endmill, finishing pass with 1/8" round nose, and the two 60 degree Vcarve paths. The “Love” one had to be separate to project it down onto the heart. I still don’t totally know how designing works and combining of elements, but I just played around with the dish image and the heart image until I thought it looked okay.

Carved in 1/2" cherry, finished with a single coat of Mahoney’s walnut oil.


That is really amazing and inspiring! I hope to learn the 3D language when I get my Xcarve put together. Very nice!

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Be sure the text is projected down to the 3D surface. There is a check box to do that in V Carve

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