First 4-string

I posted this under general projects, didn’t realize there was a Luthier forum:

Inspired by cigar box guitars… but I didn’t start with a cigar box. I used the X-carve on many of these steps.


Some of the steps with comments:

Now I just have to learn how to play it :wink:


Thanks. Sorry about that … I just did a cut/paste… went back to source and fixed it… should work now. The steps show the pickup…

Steampunk Butterfly. awesome!!!

Standing Ovation from me Jeff !!!

Thanks!.. though the main butterfly is the only design I can’t take credit for :slight_smile: rest of the design is mine, burrowed the main butterfly from an image search :)… I did create the tiny butterfly on the 12th fret and everything else…

really cool! Where did you buy the parts to make it (the string, mounts, screws for it, etc).

Let’s see… local hardware and wood store for most…

Got these things at stewmac:

volume/tone pots and nobs
chord jack
strap mounts
magnet and screws for pickup

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Thanks, I wanted to try to make a mini harp for my daughter and I just have no idea where to begin :slight_smile:

I built a couple from kits before I did this… then did one where I bought the neck, but did the rest… That worked out well for me. Of course now that I have done one from scratch, it seems not hard enough to start that slow… but that’s hind-sight :slight_smile:

Didn’t do any CNC work on those (didn’t have it yet)

Great job! That’s inspiring

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That SteamPunkPaul is EPIC,

I love the photo of you doing guitar work on the kitchen bench when you were obviously supposed to be cooking dinner :slight_smile:

Like the steampunk? Heres another…very different.

Gears work

Is that yours Jeff? re google photos?

The one’s I posted last? Yes, those are mine… no CNC use there, so I didn’t post them

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you are twisted and bent in a most marvelous way Mr Contino,

Quite inspiring, :slight_smile: