First attempt on lamp (The Legend of Zelda)

A buddy of mine requested a Legend of Zelda lamp and I did my best to deliver.
My initial plan was using rabbet joints for the frame and some HDF for the front, sand and paint it. The holes in the front design should be covered with some semi transparent paper and I should be good to go. For the lighting itself I used some RGB stripes which I glued to the inner side of the frame.
Some of you are now thinking…“what did he plan for the back?” Well…he totally forgot :sweat_smile:

So I had to improvise a bit regarding the back of the lamp and just glued some scrap wood into each inner corner, drilled a hole and used that to screw another plate of HDF to the back, so it was invisible from the side. Furthermore I glued aluminium foil to the whole backside, so the RGB stripe would be a bit more shiny.

Anyway, less talking, more pictures:

(since it seems I can’t upload my video for some reason, here a link to my instagram where you can see a more flashy program)

I’m kind of pleased with the result, but there are always improvements possible.

Lessons learned this time:

  • more proper sanding before painting, especially if I want anything glossy
  • I really need to get a compressor so I can finally use my HVLP painting toolset
  • aluminium foil is a real cheap and easy way to improve the lighting quality
  • maybe plan all sides of the project before actually making it?

came out nice