First big project - 8 Presentation shields designed with Easel pro

My first time posting here, hope you all like it and I welcome any comments :grinning:. I am English but live and work in Slovakia, Europe, hence the wording being in Slovak.

Just finished 8 presentation shields using Easel pro to create tool paths - 3 changes of bit!

First a 1mm spiral to rough out the wording, logo followed by changing to a 0.1mm 10 degree V bit for the finishing of the wording Logo.

Then changing to a 2mm straight cut bit for the Inner groove on the shield and then using the same bit to cut out all the components, 4 in total.

4 Easel files for each shield. Material is 3mm oak with board size 300 x 200mm. CNC machine is from Italy and is a desktop model - Makerdreams, Evo One.


Nice work! Are you going to stain or paint them?

is there a link to the Easel File Please?

Sorry for the long time away but here is the link to the project. Hope you enjoy.