First build off of the X-Carve!

Sketched this out last night and ran it this morning, it’s a mic stand for my bass drum (previous mic stand was comprised of a cardboard box and some painter’s tape, so this is a step up for sure).

What’s everyone else been making?


Good job. Is that 3/4" ply? What type of bit/feed did you use?

Wow that’s super cool! Do you want to add it as a project so other drummers can make it too? Also @peterjames do you have a twitter account? I’d love to tweet this.

Thanks! It’s 1/2" baltic birch, once I realized that a regular 5’x5’ sheet cut into quarters fit nicely on my machine (and in my car), it’s going to be my go-to material. I ran that with an 1/8" two flute endmill at 50"/min, except for the pocket for the “J” which I ran with the 1/16th bit that came with the X-Carve (and accidentally ran that at 100"/min b/c I forgot to change the setting).

Thanks as well :slight_smile: I did this in Vectorworks. Tomorrow I’ll see if I can make up a non-pocketed version and get it into Easel. You’re welcome to tweet it, my account is @pljames.

@PeterJames cool.

You can do pockets in Easel😀 Select the object and adjust the depth with the depth slider.

Well what do you know :slight_smile: Pockets are back in!

I’m in the process of trying to move it into Easel from Vectorworks via Inkscape using a PDF. It looks like it imported ok, but it must not like some of my curves b/c it’s flagging them as too narrow for my selected bit (1/8"). Since the arcs are aesthetic and not dimensional I’ll probably just try to re-draw them in Easel.

Easel only imports SVG files right now. Best bet would be to export an SVG. Is that possible?

Yep, I should have been more explicit: Vectorworks -> Print to CutePDF (I’ve read that it does a better job than exporting directly to PDF) -> Import to Inkscape -> Export as SVG -> Import to Easel.

It looks pretty close in Easel, this is what I have so far. It just doesn’t seem to like a couple of the paths for some reason.

I’ll go back into Vectorworks and add dogbones, then re-import and see if I can clean it up in Easel.