First carve: thanks Inventables!

Just a quick carve on the outline of our club’s logo, but it went so smoothly I wanted to thank everyone at Inventables for making and supporting this great machine, and everyone here on this forum for the wealth of information & patience on display.

Kudos all around!

Design by Ryan Courter.



Completed prototype. Looks good even without any finish or paint!


Great look. Nice job.
If you like plywood, down-cut bits are the magic. You may want to try.
I love anything comes from plywood. When I cut letters, I measure the layer, adjust my dept to clear layer and expose second layer which mostly different color.


Hi Alan, thank you!
I noticed during my first carve that it looked much nicer after the first pass, and that successive passes didn’t really add anything. So the letters I did just what you suggested, and it looks very nice.
For the down-cut bits, is the point to reduce the fuzz around the edges of the cuts?

Most definitely, down-cut bits giving very clean and sharp edges if you’re not carving very deep. What you’re doing is needs down-cut bit. You’ll be amazed to result.

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Thanks, good to know!