First carve!

Built the new xcarve yesterday, and tried a picture of a logo from my shirt as it’s first carve.

Only had 1/8" bits… But told easel it was 1/16" to see what it would do… Prob would have been alright with 1/32" … Need to pick some up. The original pic was <img src="//" width=“200” height=“200”

Not too bad with using all the factory configurations and a crappy version of a pic with the wrong size bit. :slight_smile:


I did the size because I didn’t want to screw up a huge piece of wood if it didn’t work, and selected the smaller bit because I did the 1/8 first, and I got a connect the dots design. So dropped to the 1/16 size to get the above. Yeah, I expected part of the image to blow away because of that, but mostly just curiosity out of the gate. I’ll need to start researching what bits do what, sizes, etc as I’ve never done any of this before. So this forum and guys like you have already been a HUGE help and I thank you for that.

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Yeah, the router came with the 1/4" and the xcarve came with the 1/8" adapter that I’m using. But good idea, fewer things to cause issue.

No, hadn’t heard of it. Man, I’m going to learn all kinds of new stuff because of this lol. Researched and built my first shop table for it, built the xcarve, learning about routers… It’s kinda fun. :slight_smile:

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I second Phils recommendation for the Elaire collet. It’s a screw on replacement and is awesome. I bought the three standard size kit (1/4", 1/8", 3/16") and might get the metric ones since I hear some good V-bits are 4 or 6mm.

Congrats on the first carve! Look into a dust boot if you don’t have one yet. That’s one of the best add-ons that I’ve done for the machine.

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Yep, I want to get a module to turn on and off the spindle automatically, as well as some sort of dust boot/vacuum holder. This thing was making powder!

Try a V-engraving such as F-Engrave — this will afford much better detail.

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Nice! It’s like Christmas. :slight_smile: thanks

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That’s pretty cool Phil! You got me hooked on Inkscape back in February…

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Bought a 1/32" tapered bit… Not too bad. :slight_smile: thanks Phil!