First Design Attempt

I am considering purchasing a CNC but thought I’d try to understand the software side first.
I have tried to copy a cutting board I have at home using a basic rectangle with rounded corners & a trianglular cut out for a hand hold. I’m trying to radius the 3 internal corners of the triangle but I can’t get the round over menu when I high-lite the area.
In addition, I don’t have a CNC as yet but am looking at the Onefinity X35 Woodworker. In the machine tab, I entered this information. I have gone back & tried to delete the machine but it seems I have lost some functionality as the menu keeps telling me it can’t find a connection to the machine.
Should I delete the Easel trial & start again?
Thanks in advance.

The radius option only applies to rectangle shapes, not triangles. That is why you arent seeing it. There are ways to get radiuses on triangles but it isnt precise and also isnt simple…

As to the machine setup if you want to delete the machine youve added you can go to machine>edit machine and there is a delete button at the bottom

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