First Homing setup fail Z Axis. Switch works?


I just got my machine built and when running through the homing setup on the Z axis the spindle raises up to the homing switch. Depresses it fully but continues to raise afterward until I stop it.

I ran through the troubleshooting guide and all the switches are working as intended.


try bending the limit switch tab.
Inventables messed this one up and they haven’t bothered fixing it on their end yet (altering the spindle mounting plate OR using a limit switch with a different style tab) , So now every new machine owner since Nov 2021 has had to bend this limit switch tab as a work around for a design flaw…

Thank you for the reply!

I tried that. It still did not work. It is fully depressing the switch but not stopping and backing off. When i am in the homing settings it is showing the switch depressed as well.

looks like the Z and X are switched in the system.?? I am testing the z-axis but the system shows the x is tripped. Ive double-checked my wiring and it looks like it is wired correctly.

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And that was it. I switched the leads and it worked.

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