First Impressions - Fed Ex, Premium Delivery - X-Carve Pro 4x2

My first CNC… I first have to commend Inventables on the choice of FedEx and the delivery. The truck arrived and the gentleman rang my doorbell. I told him that I had to have a car out of the garage for the space that the crate needed. He asked if I were going to setup the machine in the garage? I replied that I had a work area in the basement setup for where the machine was going to live. He quickly jumped back to the order being “Premium Delivery” and that he could place it anywhere in the house that I wanted. Next thing, we were rolling a pallet jack around the house and down the hill to my basement. We unboxed the cardboard from the pallet and moved the 2 styrofoam skeltons with parts still locked in place through my basement door. Ladies and gentlemen the one with the gantry is an awkward BEAST of a move tilted at a 40 degree angle through a 36" door! The FedEx agent did not break a sweat. I’m 52, have an office job, live in GA and the temp was 91F outside. I needed one of those packets of desiccant gel (included in the packaging) for my forehead and much, much more (just kidding on that…it’s poison). He packed up all the extra cardboard and such and thanks me generously for my help. He said they usually have to call and wait for another delivery agent to arrive and help with Premium Deliveries. (What, and wait for my X-Carve even longer? Nooooo sir!) Delivery was a top notch experience and a breeze. The box was in excellent shape and did not show signs of rough treatment along its journey to me. I’ll put some first impression on the setup in another post.

Also, I just want to mention again that the gantry is one heavy and awkward piece. Respect the warnings during setup of using two people for the gantry attachment. You will thank yourself.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention get someone to help you with the gantry :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s awesome to hear they helped you.

Me personally, I was like, oh, i’m stronger than your average male… When it said you need 2 people, I was like, “They always put those there… Team Lift? Pfft”… I don’t need 2 people.

Yes… Yes you do.