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First Impressions, X-Carve Pro setup instructions not very good

Grateful to finally have my XCP up and running. I’d would not be writing this is the XCP was being promoted as a beta product but it is being sold on the ease of set up. The video instructions (no paper manual BTW) are really sub par.

Inventables uses wide shots half the time and use voice over to explain detailed steps without showing you a close up of how to do it. Also, they jump back and forth between parts being attached or removed (on the spindle for example) that do not match the way the parts come packaged and some of the parts are different than in the video (braided usb cables). Another example, the waste board is attached during setup in the video yet you do not attach until you setup Easel software. There are also no instructions for setting up the Z-probe. In both instances, I thought I was missing a step but its just really poor instructions.

For the sake of future buyers please invest some time and money in a proper video that is user tested (ie, have a non-technical person put together XPC using your videos) so you can make sure your tech support is not overwhelmed with calls.

Unfortunately what I have found is similar. I bought the xcarve pro because there was great reviews about the community and how helpful everybody was in the community. After I purchased the machine, I wanted to do some basic stuff to prepare and needed some basic information about the machine. The reviews were correct and the community is very helpful but why do I have to go ask a group of random strangers for information about the machine i just purchased? Shouldn’t the company provide all kinds of information if I am spending $10,000 on a machine? I appreciate the community but I am nervous about a time that may come when the community doesn’t have the answer and I am fully dependent on inventables and I cannot get the info I need. Hopefully it gets better but It makes me nervous about what I purchased.