First large project on hardwood

i made this for a friend of mine. it is made from flooring from a semi trailer and let me tell you this stuff is hard as a coffin nail. this was the first time i used the rough and detail cut options this project took 15 hours and fried the stock motor bearings but was well worth it. so far i have found no faults in this machine other than human error on my part other than the stock motor witch is pretty much dead at a total of 63 hours of use. all done with easel and inkscape. bits 1/32 endmill, 1/8 end mill, and 1/8 ball nose cut at 40ipm.

material laminated hardwood
24in dia
1.338in thick
cut depth max .25in


Sweet. Just wait till you upgrade to a Dewalt. That project should take you an hour max. What was the 1/32" bit for? Nothing looks that small.

That’s a pretty big piece. Turned out looking real good. Where on earth do you get your hands on tractor trailer flooring??? That’s unique to say the least!


I have a friend who would nuts if he saw this

there are some really fine spots on the letters you cant see in the photo

years ago i worked for great dane trailers and sometimes we had floor kits that were damaged they would let us cut it up and take it home. i still have about 40 foot left. lowes or menards has a board somewhat like this but i dont think it is hardwood a quick search this was all i found

dewalt 611 mount on it’s way

Yeah, I’ve seen those in the store before. I think Aspen is classified as a hardwood. But the reclaimed aspect is what makes yours so cool. Good stuff, man!

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Nice work!

I only have one concern regarding “recliamed” trailer flooring. If it has previously been in a trailer and used as such embedded dirt in the surface would wreak havoc on your bits.

he stuff that is a leftover from a flooring kit would not be such an issue however. I’d LOVE to get my hands on some of that!

Your friend is either loaded or lucky. A plank of the flooring for a semi trailer is 1800-3200 PER PLANK its not cheap stuff at all.

over the course of 5 years they would have a bad floor kit every month or so and i seemed to be the only one in the plant that wanted them i think now days they send them back. i loved it when they would ding a polished stainless sheet we could buy them for scrap price lol