First Laser/X-Carve Project

Still on the machine. Like to thank @PhilJohnson, Jay at JTechPhotonics, and especially forum members for the great information and assistance. Keep the good stuff going.


I find your typesetting skills offensive!

(Psst… good job! I like it!)

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Nice Job A Bit of humour go’s a long way . I’d like to carve this willing to share Cheers

Great job!

Sure will the file is Vcarve Pro v9
That Ok

Georgia Be Patient
Go forth and do great things.
70ipm at full power for JTech 2.8W

I don’t have V Carve What about a SVG that I could import into easle. Still a newbee this way

What kind of machine do you have

Uploaded/Attached svg file
Georgia Be Patient

I do not use easel regularly so please forgive any issues as svg file would not upload after two attempts. So enjoy and please feel free to modify as needed.

X-Carve older model with JTech laser upgrade after Zach’s PSA.

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