First LED Acrylic Signs

Got a request from a friend to make a set of LED edge lit signs. Made to be able to change out the sign so I can sell them separate from the base.

  • 6" x 6" x 1/4" Cast Acrylic (carved with 1/32" bit, 45IPM, DOC 0.02")
  • RGB LED Strip (USB powered so can use wall adapter or battery pack)
  • Select Pine Base


Looks very nice! Good and bright.

Very nice!

looks great, what was the general carve times on those?

5-12 minutes depending on which one.


Gee… You and I have the same idea… it looks terrific. As manner of fact yesterday I bought few led kit from a local vendor with the idea to make these type of lighting fixtures. How do you mount the strip of led?. I do assume that you hide these strips inside of the pine carved stand?. What is the length of strip and the time to carve the acrylic signs?. Again gradulations … Regards

The L.E.D.'s you are using where did you buy them and what size are they???

Here are some other photos of the base. I carve the through slot and inset into the bottom of the base. Install the LED and then apply a thin foam sheet. This covers the LED, gives a nice 2 tone look, is inexpensive and protects the surface of whatever you put the sign on.

@MikeStinger LED Strip:

@AlainGauthier Its 5-12 minutes for these particular signs. The strip is hot glued into the bottom groove.


Outstanding, very nice!

Mike, You can get LED on , they offer tons of it…

I wonder if you can get just the USB power connectors so you don’t waste any LEDs on smaller projects…

Very nice! thanks for sharing

I like these and have been meaning to do something similar with a small arduino to change the led colors. great job

If by color comtrol you mean I can define a sequence of color changes which I define, awseome and please share where to get them. To date for this I have using an Adafruit trinket and smd5050 lights for intricate per light patterns on numerous projects

Robert… matter of interest, see picture of my first kit using acrylic and Led kit system. If you buy a led controller along with the remote control and the RBG led lighting you have a variety of color scheme. As you can notice, the protective paper will be remove when I complete the construction of the lighting fixture.


pretty awesome.
what type of speeds and feeds did you decide on? depth? was bit a single flute?
looking to do a justice league set for grandson. have practiced with pen. pretty elaborate, 4-5 meg files. they look great with the pen, now to figure bit and feeds.

also…i can get my hands on some quarter inch extruded…but im wondering how it would perform compared to cast. maybe melt-city. the price is fantastic though.