First lithophane

I recently cut my first lithophane as a birthday present for my sister. Using Vectric Photovcarve and 1/4" Corian, I created a 5x7" illuminated grayscale framed and backlit present. I found an inexpensive picture frame and was able to fit the Corian inside after machining the edges down to 1/10".

Without backlighting, it looks a tad creepy.

Turn the power on, though, and you get a nice grayscale illuminated photo. It turned out well and she was very happy with it.

I’m going to stock up on those frames and use them for future projects.

Cut in 3 passes: create .1" pocket, rough cut with .125" ball nose, and final cut with 3/64" ball nose (final cut took about 4 hours).


Wow. Just, wow.



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really nice.

I’ve wanted to do one myself but have not been able to find a source for Corian. Where do you get yours from?

I’ve been looking for a source, but so far the only place I’ve gotten it has been through Inventables. They have a 10x12x1/4" sheet for about $26.It’s spendy, but if you’re careful cutting it, you can get three 5x7" sheets, plus a bonus 3x5" for testing or smaller projects. So for about $5 worth of Corian plus $13 for a backlit picture frame, you can create a fun gift at under $20 in materials.

That looks amazing! Fantastic job!!

That looks very nice.
Thanks for sharing.

go on ebay for your Corian