First pass is cutting way too deep

Hey all, new user here, and also new to CNC. I’m using a Mill Right King Carve 2. I’ve run into a problem with trying to cut out a design.

I have my step down set to 0.125", but for some reason my initial plunge into the material is going down .25". It attempts the first pass at this depth, but on all the remaining passes it will go back to the step down that I had originally set at 0.125.

I had a catastrophic malfunction on my CNC as soon as the machine began to move on the x-axis because of this. I repaired my machine, but now I’m trying to prevent further issues. I’ve added an image of the toolpath that shows the initial plunge, followed by the passes that are at the correct depth. Thanks for any help!

Can you share the project or the gcode where this occurred?
Are you saying that it cuts at a depth of 0.25 for the first pass then retracts and cuts air at a depth of 0.125. That sounds unlikely.
There’s probably something else going on here. Please share the gcode.

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Your plunges are all overlapped there giving the appearance of one full deprh plunge. Can you play the sim and observe the passes one at a time, youll see what im saying.

Your depth issue could be zeroing or cnc calibration most likely

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