First pass is offset from the rest of the passes

Hello all, I am having an issue where the first pass of my tool path is offset from the others.

You can see in the picture how there is an initial step on the one side. When it first happened i was thinking I was losing steps on the x axis, but after adjusting the current, vwheels, betls, and screws I am still left with this initial offset. And it is only on the first pass, all the other passes match up fine. It seems anytime the machine plunges for a new first pass there is a slight offset. I am running the 1000 mm with the 60 minute x axis mod and the dewalt 611. Any input would be very appreciated.

What size bit and depth of cut are you using. I’m thinking possibly some bit deflection with your initial plunge.

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Hey Ryan, Thank you for the reply. I was using a .0625" bit with a .04" depth of cut, 6ipm plunge, and feed rate of 40 ipm. This particular piece is hard maple.

I agree with the deflection idea.
Adjust your feed rate and/or depth per cut.
That’s a really tiny bit and hard wood.

General rule is don’t cut deeper than half the diameter of your bit. So half of .0625 is .03125… That’s your max depth of cut(DOC). Hard maple may make you take less than that actually. Give it a try. Good Luck

Check on that, thank you guys for the replies. I will try some test cuts with lower numbers