First practice 3D carve on rigid foam insulation went very well

I wanted to try 3D carving in Fusion 360, but didn’t want to risk breaking a bit if I did something stupid, so I tried carving a piece of rigid foam insulation - it went amazingly well! I use a 1/4" spiral bit and the edges came out completely clean. I cut this piece of foam from a big piece I’ve used as a backer for my track saw so it had deep cuts on both faces, but the new router cuts all came out sharp and clean.

I wouldn’t even consider trying this without great dust collection in place and in fact there was no mess at all - this photo was taken without ANY cleanup.


Did you use a small bit to cut the tapers in the top of that on purpose? If not, you need to square your machine up before you try to carve on an expensive piece of wood. Excellent side cuts and dust shoe operation though, I’m VERY impressed with how clean it is.

Not sure what you mean, the top is one long slope, but I used a 1/4" flat bit so I knew I was going to get the terraced result. This piece is actually from a model a friend designed for a rocking horse, it’s a spacer that angles a leg. He didn’t even think I should bother sloping the top, he was planning to cut the angle with a saw, but I think if I do this it’ll establish the slope and two seconds on a belt sander will smooth it flat.

I mean the sawtooth pattern on the flat area on top. Is it cut that way on purpose?

Given that the top surface is a slope and I was doing a clearing operation with a flat bit the sawtooth pattern on top is the expected result.

Okay, I see the slope now. :smile: