First project and introduction (work with carbonfiber)

Hi everyone, to briefly introduce me,
My name is Matthieu Libeert, a 26 year old Industrial product designer from Belgium.
Since a few years I have a carbon fiber related YouTube Channel where I share my adventures on.
Since short I’m on a “every week a new video” shedule.
Here’s a Link to my YouTube Channel: for those interested.

Since Short I have acces to an X-carve So I tought I should introduce myself on here to share my upcoming projects with.

So here is my first project where I’ve used an X-carve to make a part (in this case the YouTube Award Play Button) to make a mould of and then I made a carbonfiber part out of that mould :slight_smile:

You can follow this project in a two part video tutorial.


Today I’ve uploaded 2 more video’s: one with a timelapse of the carving and another one of the build of the X-carve

Build of the X-carve:
Timelapse of the carving:

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Twitter: @matthieutje65
Snapchat: matthieu_li

Here are some extra pictures.


Nice videos. Very informative! Thanks for sharing with us!

Thanks @MattThompson