First project finished

Hey there!
Finally I finished my first “real” project.
A beer caddy for large beers (0.5l) as I live in Germany the smaller ones are almost always
too small :wink:
Took leftover pieces of wood and painted it afterwards.
Size is around 30cm tall and it has a width of around 30cm as well.
Done all in Easel.

You are welcome to give me any hints to do something better!

Sorry for the bad picture.
And thanks again for all your help. Couldn’t have done it without it!


This looks great! Just needs some Köstritzer :slight_smile: I tried my hand at a laser-cut box a couple of years ago, though my poor choice of material (discarded pine crate) and hasty design left much to be desired

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I’m out of beer. This just makes me weep.
Nice piece though… what’s next?

awesome , love the creativity

That is a good point. Because I am cutting in my apartment, I will have to reduce the dust. And right now I am sitting next to my cnc all the time with a vacuum cleaner.

Started several tries for a dust boot, but nothing really worked (yet).

Guess I will give that a shot soon again :wink:

By the way: I am willing to share this project if anyone is interested? I would just have to
edit the project a little bit.

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Hey Merlin,

Here are my beer carrier :smile:

Best regards from germany


sehr gute mein freund

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From germany?