First Project off my X-carve

So here is a pic of the first thing i made with my X-carve. Very simple but just trying to see where and what i need to do to fine tune it. I will be posting another one soon i just finished up but it has some tear out in it. If you have any suggestions on anything i need to change on it just let me know.


Looks pretty clean, did you have to sand any rough edges?

I ran a piece of 220 over the top by had but thats it. And the wood is just 1/4 inch sanded ply. On my second project which was in pine i am noticing tear out and a little drifting i think i will post it soon.

Here is a larger one i ran in just pine and there was a lot of chipout. I used the feeds from maple as pine is softer but not sure if it would have turned out better slowing it down.


Nice work those look cool! Do you sell them?

I will be once i get it on the type wood i like. Will be probably maple or walnut. Going to try to make several versions on this some with coat hooks, some with key hooks, etc. The Pine just seems to chip out way to much for my liking;