First Project using VCarve ... thanks all!

Big thanks to everyone on this forum for their help, if it weren’t for the folks here I don’t think I would have gotten as much out of my XCarve as I have currently.

I’m both inspired and challenged when I see projects posted, and I know that any issues \ questions that arise as I fumble thru will find their way to the right person(s).

After several days watching YouTube videos on VCarve, reading and re-reading forum posts here and just jumping in and testing, I was able to complete the following project this afternoon. It’s a wedding gift for a friend’s daughter, and I couldn’t be more proud.

I saw another post here with a clock design I liked, but couldn’t make the SVG work in Easel, so I started from scratch in VCarve, and here’s the finished product in MDF.

I cut it again in Red Oak right after taking this photo, another flawless cut, so I’ll be painting the letters black tomorrow, staining and urethaning, and making the final profile cut. Wedding is next weekend, so for once I didn’t wait until the last minute :smile:

Thanks all, couldn’t have done it without you.

If anyone wants the CRV file just let me know, happy to share.


Ahh, good info, I was going to apply wax, then airbush all the letters, sand off the wax and then stain. I like your method better…

I used VCarve desktop, love it now that I’ve used it, far less intimidating than I thought.

Thanks for the finishing tip!!

What font did you use for the clock letters?
I would love to see your CRV file.
I want to make up some clock faces as well.

Font is called Achilles, found it here …

Here’s the CRV file, enjoy. (8.7 MB)