First project with Two-Color HDPE

Had a Nema17 break. So while I wait for the replacement I figured it would be good time to post a few pics from the first project I did working with the King ColorCore: Two-Color HDPE.

This is a mailbox sign I made for my new place in the countryside. Got the idea from someone who was doing something similar with stainless steel. Really love the way it turned out, and I’ve got quite a few compliments on it.

One Warning… It creates a mess!


Looks great!

New York or Pennsylvania?

That is so cool I may have to make my own.

New York. My property line is the PA border.

Nice Job!

I’ve got some ideas for 2-color HDPE. What bit did you use? How deep did you go?

And now we know EXACTLY where you live :smiling_imp:

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1/16" 2 Flute carbide Endmill from drillman1 on ebay. Link

I looked on the King Plastics website, and it said the top layer was 0.05" but I found that depth to be a bit overkill.

That’s cool. Trespassers are welcome…target practice.


Here’s to living in the woods. :smiley: That’s a great looking sign! The 2-color HDPE is one of the materials I haven’t played with yet. Definitely going to have to get my hands on some now.

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Where did you get the HDPE ? I went to the King Plastics website and they referred me to other local businesses. Did you mail order it or pick it up yourself?

Ran into the same problem Tim, Inventables is the fastest way. King and a lot of suppliers only ship multiple 4’x8’ sheets to commercial locations.

Yeah… here’s my reply from one of the King distributors:

  1. 1/ 2” x 48” x 96” @ $272.00 per sheet
    Plus inbound freight $225.00

All I wanted was a 26"x26"x .25" sheet of 2 color plastic. Inventables does not have the size I need or I’d probably order from them.