First project!

I built my machine in six hours and spent a couple days of spare time tweaking it and this is what resulted today. What a great machine. If anyone sees anything that can be improved, please reach out.


Terrific and welcome!

6 hours has me beat by a factor of at least 3!

looks good! how are you going to finish it?

I’m not finishing it as it was just a test piece on 1/4 in ply. I just carved another in 3/4” spruce. I’ll post an image of the finished project.


Love it. Watched a Great Blue Heron take a fish last year … the whole process of it slowly becoming part of the riverside grass, hovering there invisible and suddenly taking a hammer-handle northern with a lightning-fast strike.

Was at least a 20 minute show.

That looks Great! Nice job Brendon!

I live and Florida and see them all the time. They are really awesome birds. I’m lucky enough to live on the second largest estuary in Florida. Everyday is a new experience. Thanks!

Great job!!! I will be doing my first one here shortly… Will pay when done.