First Project

Finally had some time to do my first project on my X-Carve. What can you do with less than $5 of materials, Easel and X-Carve? Well I made this old rusted sign for my workshop to see how my machine would do. Except for a few spots where the rust didn’t take, came out real nice (Picture doesn’t do it justice) Very happy with my new toy!


Love the finish, Brian. Is that wood under there or did you carve this from a piece of metal?

It’s actually a cheap piece of pink insulation foam from home depot, they sell those 24" x 24" squares. Perfect for try out designs on the cheap. :smile: a little paint that contains real iron in it and some green and tan patinas and you have real rust!


Nice, looks good!

Great work, @BrianSaban! Could you give more details of the paints and process you used?

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Fantastic job on the finish @BrianSaban you should do a video or tutorial on it.

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I’ll try guys, as soon as I get some extra time.

The finish is fantastic! I’ll have to keep that in mind.

Very nice finish, sure looks real. I want to make the 3 signs used on Myth Busters That finish would be perfect.