First projects complete

Completely impressed with my X-Carve. One small adjustment to a limit switch in my setup and other than that it worked flawlessly. I have been trolling the forum for a couple of months now looking and learning everything I can. IMG_2897



Looks great you’re on your way!

I like the irony of having two cutting devices and one measuring device in a sign that says “Measure twice, cut once” = D

They look awesome!! Keep it it up. Congratulations

Nice. Looks like you are having fun!

I just got my machine completed Thursday and was able to start carving this weekend…so fun! My first carve turned out pretty good…was worried how the photo might translate, but ended up finishing well.


looks good! how did you convert the picture?

In easel. I haven’t had much luck converting most other photos. I’m playing around with a few other programs I’ve seen mentioned on here…3dp and inkscape…hoping I can find an alternative.

Even a lot of my silhouette type files (anything only black and white) don’t upload very clear. Even pretty simple files. Anyone have any insight or advice on that?

Depends on the quality of the file I have been using this converter called Cad Converter (online & Free) - Convertio it has a lot of file types it will receive and convert into. Like you I haven’t been at it very long I played with the software for a few months before i ordered got it and had the time to assemble. I just watch a lot of you tube videos. Paw Paws work shop is a great resource I watch and learn the basic steps he shows and then create from that. Also on Face Book there is a page that trades and posts files you can grab. I am going to do one of those this morning. It is called CNC for beginners they have lots of files posted to the page in varying file formats you can grab and cut. I am in Cincinnati what part of the country do you reside in.

In Dallas. I’ll check that out as well. I want to venture into more 3D carving as well, most everything I’ve carved so far is more 2D.

Same here but need to crawl before i run. This winters projects that and learning to do halftones.