First Proper Cut (with 60 degree V bit)

This is my first actual cut I have completed with my Xcarve, well other than squares and circles etc for calibration purposes.
I just got a 60 degree V bit, so wanted to give it a try on something. I was pretty impressed with the quality of the cuts although I had a few fuzzy bits here and there which I removed after this picture. I suppose that’s to nbe expected with MDF anyway.

I am using Estlcam for Cam and also as my machine controller, and so far I have been very impressed.

I have a few upgrades to the Xcarve found on/inspired by posts on these forums which I carried out while building the machine, and will try and get a couple if pics up later


MDF carves great with a sharp vbit, your sign looks perfect.

Does Estlcam know how to control the depth of the vbit to change the cut thickness? It looks like all your cuts are the same width and depth. It may just be the font that is causing that.

Yeah Estlcam will work it out whatever you tell it to do (or I suppose would warn you if you were going too deep for the width etc, but I didn’t encounter that).
Its hard to see in the pictures, but the outer surround and the “motor cycles” part are 4mm depth, and the rest is 3mm. The 4mm depth is cut to a V at the bottom, and the 3mm is flat but only just.
I was mostly playing around as I am new to CNC, and CAM so just tried a similar depth to see what the difference would be.