First real carve

My wife says this is completely useless and I somewhat agree. I’m thinking of it like a personal snack tray for game day. It performed pretty well on the trial run!

Lots to learn and a few bits to buy!


Looks better than my first cut!

And my send, and my third, and…

Very nice! Looks like a fun little project. :smile:

What did you use for a finish on the wood? Foodsafe finishes have always been kind of an annoying spot for me, trying to find something that is durable enough and safe enough, without just looking like you soaked the wood in oil and walked away.

thanks @DanBrown. For finish, I typically just use food grade mineral oil…like you can get at any pharmacy. It settles in a day or so and requires a refresh every once in a while, but I think it does well.

On occasion I (er, the wife) will mix up a blend of mineral oil and local bees’ wax…I couldn’t tell you the proportions but there are plenty of recipes on the internet. That’s often a good option for the first coat but I’ve found that it’s a little too viscus as a maintenance solution.

You can probably find mineral oil in most large grocery stores (or I’m sure Amazon carries it). The last bottle I picked up was marketed as something like “Joyce Chen’s Bamboo Cutting Board Oil” or something to that effect.

That’s the same method I’ve been using, just a straight mineral oil soak for the most part. Mahoney’s utility finish is another one I use from time to time. Unfortunately none of them come even close to the sheen and durability you can get from almost anything else!