First "real" completed project x-carve

1/48 scale in styrene sheet. Ready for paint.


Holy moly…

If this is your first project, I can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with when you do something complicated. Very impressive indeed.

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No kidding. i clicked and expected to see a 3 diameter jagged circle covered in fuzzies. HA! This is downright inspirational. Nice work!

He’s not saying First project. He says First Real Project. I wonder how long this takes and which software used.

fantastic …what bit did you use?

I used a 1/32 bit and did it all with Easel. I’m still struggling to get a 3D workflow together to really open up the possibilities with this machine.

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Its beautiful. Look into V-Carve Pro by Vectric and Fusion 360 by Autodesk :wink:. What bit and Settings did you use?

Very freaking cool! :sunglasses: Please do some sort of write-up/video about this!

My budget is budgetless atm from the machine, tooling, materials and other software. I looked at the specs, though. 3D import of .stl .obj .3dm is definitely where I need go.

That’s very cool. Scale modeling is a passion of mine too. Seeing the X-Carve used for the hobby is inspiring. I’d love to see a write-up on this one too!

I feel like a cave dweller. Way to go.


Sorry in advance but I gotta say it…

Holy shit!


Great project! This is exactly why I got an x-carve. Did you cut all the styrene on the x-carve, or was some of it patterned before construction. I’m also curious what miniatures you used in the photo. :smile:

Show those pictures around and get someone to commission your work. Then go for Vectric Aspire!

Usually posts like that I see people manage to sign their names in MDF but this WOWski !

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About 98% was cut with the X-carve; some Evergreen strip here and there.

This is actually for a model review with a game company. I am attempting to get their contract work. I need to turn my focus to getting my 3D sorted out so I can really let this machine shine.

I used to cut stuff like this with a jewelers saw and it would take many hours. I’m pretty dern stoked with my X-Carve to be honest. I’m just starting to realize the possibilities.


great minds think alike, just about finished with this one


Great job! I too am waiting for the how to write up.

Great work guys!

I’m planning on making a dollhouse for my baby girl. Anyone have some nice designs and suggestions? I originally thought about making it in plywood but styrene could also be an option.

If anyone have some designs they would share I would be very glad :smiley: