First real project. Go Hawks!

Well here is my first real sign that turned out nice enough to post. I think it turned out pretty nice and was a big hit at our playoff party (even though the Hawks lost). Excited to make some more now that I got all the kinks worked out.


I didn’t have a dog in that hunt, but you did a nice job on your sign!!! Good work with the colors!

Thanks it was cool creating it. My 13 year old daughter created the 12 I taught her how to draw it in Inkscape and use the XCARVE, then we designed it and painted it together. It was a fun family project! She’s just a big Seahawks fan as I am.

Hi Steve,

My Girlfriend is a big Seahawks fan even though we are British. Any chance you would share the Easel files? I’d love to make one for her and her dad.


Love the skiyline as the top of the head for the mascot. Never seen one done like that…nice job.


Nice Steve. We have nearly paid off the XC1000 by making and selling Hawks stuff on Facebook in the
30 days before Christmas. I’m near Olympia.

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Not a bad return on investment

Wow that’s awesome. I am planning on selling my signs for about $30 a piece, is that in line with what people are paying for your pieces?

Sure I could email the drawing files. What’s your email?

We are getting $25 to $60 depending on detail and what finish people want. or you could share the svg with me. I have a few i can show/share with you as well. What area are you in?

I’m up in Gold Bar ( about halfway up Stevens Pass). Ya the ones I’m making now are just out of pine 10" × 17" but then I hand paint the lettering and put several good coats of polyurethane on. My email is Ya I can send you the svg drawing when I get home. Thanks

Steve, great job. I only wished the team would have played all four quarters like they played the last two. Happy carving with your X-Carve. You are off to a great start.