First Relief complete!

you like?

Vectric Aspire for create g-code

Easel for machining

3 mm end mill Bit for roughing
2 mm ball nose for finishing

5 hours for entire work

Measure of piece:

600 mm x 240 mm

Depth 9 mm


Looks great!

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Thanks Phillip!

Good work!

For 3D carving, to reduce carve time, one solution is to improve the Z axis in order to utilize higher acceleration rates ($122 value)
This is the main bottle neck timewise for relief carving.

Keep it up :slight_smile:

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What type of wood is that??

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Hi Haldor and thank You! I try It tomorrow for another work…

In Italian Is called Abete, in english I think Fir…

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Have fun! Note that I dont know the capability of your machine so I dont know how much you can push these rates.
You can test performing “air carve” and check for lost steps by measuring the Z deviation from before start and after finish.

Generally you go incrementally faster untill it fail then derate that value to 80% for reliable operation.

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thanks again for the advice, of course I first try on a piece of sacrifice (and Sorry for my english)…

No worries, your english is good :slight_smile:
(English is my 2nd language)

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NIce! looks awesome

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